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Water saving TipsLike it or not the water charges are set to be unleashed on the people of Ireland. Whilst some people are continuing to complain it is about time we accept that water is not going to be free any more. This said emergency plumbers Dublin are looking to offer practical water saving tips to one and all.

Water saving tips aren’t any good unless you understand water wastage facts.

• Every household is being supplied with 30,ooo liters of water per year free of charge. You may register for allowances for children under 17 by providing a P.P.S. number for each child residing in the house.
• A recent study conducted estimates that every person uses around 150 liters per day. This works out to 54,750 liters per year.
• Showers are a large part of a homes water usage. The average time a person spends in a shower is 7 minutes a day. A regular shower uses around 49 liters of water during this time. A power shower though will use 175 liters in 7 minutes.
• When you fill a bath this will use around 80-90 liters.
• When you turn a regular tap on the water runs at 6-7 liters a minute.
• A dishwasher cycle uses around 20 liters of water.
• Your washing machine will need between 5.0 and 13.5 liters of water for every kilogram of laundry.

Water saving tips – The biggest overlooked water wastage in the household.

Water saving tipsAt first glance a leaking tap or shower head may be overlooked or seem irrelevant when it comes to water wastage. The accumulative figures can be quite astounding though. A recent study by U.S.G.C. university in America proved this. A single drip of water is approximately 0.25 milliliters. This may not sound a lot to anyone. Just think though if your tap is leaking at  1 drip per second. This means in just over one hour you will waste 1 liter of water. That still doesn’t seem much but in one day this equates to just above 21 liters and in a whole year that will be close to 8,000 liters. This is therefore the equivalent of 50 days of water supply for an adult or about a quarter of your free water allowance. Fixing those dripping taps or shower is probably one of the biggest water saving tips there is.

Water saving tips, how to save water.

• If you cut down your time in the shower by 1 or 2 minutes this is great way of saving water. For every minute cut when having a regular shower you can save about 2,500 liters every year. If you have a power shower this will save you around 9,000 liters every year.
• Save around save 12% each time you  shower if you get a low flow shower head fitted.  Ask emergency plumbers Dublin for advice on installation.
• A lot of people tend to clean their teeth with the tap running. Brushing your teeth like this you will use 12 liters of water. Make sure you put the plug in and you will only use 2 liters. This will save 7,3oo liters per person on cleaning your teeth twice a day for 2 minutes. Do the same if you are shaving with a regular razor.
• When washing your face or hands put the plug in.
• Toilet flushing. There is an argument from some people who will recommend that you change your existing toilet cistern to a dual flush system. This is not necessarily the best move. From our experience a lot of the change over kits are poorly manufactured, very unreliable and often jam or break completely. We have tried a few different types but even with professional installation they have proved to be very troublesome. If you are having a new toilet cistern fitted we would highly recommend having a dual flush cistern. The best water saving models will use either 4.5 liters(short flush) and 6.5 liters(long flush) approximately. This is compared to the standard old model which will use13 liters per flush. The simplest solution we have found (and the cheapest) is the “water displacement” method. If you get a 1 liter plastic milk bottle, fill the bottom with some sand or gravel for weight then fill it up with water. MakE sure that you firmly screw the top on. Once done remove the cistern lid and carefully slide it to the bottom. Make sure it doesn’t interfere with any moving parts. For every one of these you save 1 liter per flush. For large cisterns you can use a 2 liter bottle. Some cisterns will take up to 4 liters of water displacement. If you flush your toilet 5 times a day you can save 7,500 liters a year
• Washing Machines. If you considering buying a new one make sure you carefully check the energy efficiency. The most efficient models will use under 40 liters for a full load. This will save 25-30 liters per wash in comparison to some models. If you don’t plan buying a new model just yet make sure you avoid an extra rinse. Fill your machine fully every time you do a wash.
• Buy a plastic washing up bowl.  If you are washing your vegetables or salad ingredients don’t do it with the tap running. Having the tap running wastes 6 liters per minute. All the water saved can be use for indoor plants or your garden.
• When filling your kettle only fill it with as much water as you need. In the long term you can save water and some small electricity costs in.
• If you have a garden, buy a water butt if it’s a big garden buy two. Over a short time these will pay for themselves. You can harvest all of the collected water for your plants and garden.
• Car washing. There are now some really effective waterless car cleaning kits. You won’t need to buy sponges, buckets, squeegees or chamois leathers either.
• Ensure your dishwasher is full before you turn it on. For small amounts of dishes you need use the plastic bowl you have already bought.
• Drinking water. Most of us like a cold drink of water or a cold dilutable drink. A lot of people will let the tap run for the water to go cold. This normally wastes about 4 liters per time. Fill up plastic bottles or containers with water and chill them in your fridge.

We hope you have found these water saving tips helpful. For all water saving advice and plumbing works call emergency plumbers Dublin on 01-6874850.

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