For ages now I have been trying to find a good reliable Plumber. My experiences in the past haven’t been great including extortionate call out charges, equally extortionate prices and shoddy works. One guy was even very rude when I came to querying the bill with the comment “You don’t expert us to do the work for F***ing nothing do you?”

Well getting the right one happened by chance in the end. A good friend of mine told me to check out www.emergencyplumbersdublin.ie as he had a burst pipe a few weeks ago. He said the call out time was excellent, they were there in 25 minutes, the man a guy named Steven was very polite and there was no call out charge. He gave 2 quotes one for a quick fix which he said the problem could return in a few years or a slightly more expensive fix which he said should last a lifetime.

My friend went for the more expensive option which he still thought was very resonable. He said the Plumber had all the equipment and piping in the van, was quick efficient and left the room very clean when he finished. As he was leaving Steven said to my friend that the job would last a lifetime but if by “a million to one chance” as he put it, there was a problem it would occur in the next week or two and to give him a call and he would pop out and fix it for free. That sounded as if he was confident in his work and 3 months on my friend hasn’t had to call him

This all sounded good to me but I still wanted to do my own research as I wanted a full Bathroom Suite fitted. I sat down with my laptop and googled “Dublin Plumbers” and found them very quickly a good sign I thought. The first thing I noticed was that company only employed fully qualified staff (no apprentices wondering what they are doing). All of them were R.G.I.’s (Registered Gas Installers). This didn’t affect the work I wanted but it’s good to know and a good sign. They also had full indemnity insurance.

Although I already had a good report from my friend I checked out their online reviews, all of which were very good. They had been in Business for a long while, so they weren’t going anywhere and some of their Dublin plumbers had over 30 years experience. It all sounded very good so I called and asked if someone would come out and give me a quote for fitting a Bathroom Suite. I spoke to a guy called Paddy(I was hoping it would be Steven) but he was very polite and arranged a time to come out. He was an older guy but turned out to be a true genlemant. He spent about 20 minutes with explained the works required fully step by step and gave me a quote. I said I would need a couple of days to think about it. He said that wasn’t a problem, there was no pressure and if I decided to go ahead I had his number.

As a single profesional woman I know nothing about plumbing so I thought I better get another quote or 2, back to googling “Dublin Plumbers”. I checked out a few sites and arranged for 2 other companies to come and quote the following day.The first gut Peter was with me for about 10 minutes, he asked if I’d had any other quotes to which I said no, then came the hard sell!! It was if he was pressuring me to make a decision there and then. I felt uncomfortable he was saying that I wouldn’t get a better price anywhere, as he waffled on about an awkward u-bend. Unbeknownst to him Paddy’s price was €150 cheaper!! I told him I needed time to think, he even had the cheek to call me the next day, at which point I told him firmly and politely that I was not going ahead with him, he seemed very annoyed.

The second guy, Dermot was at least a lot nicer he spent about 15 minutes with me but when it came down to the quote he was very vague he started off quoting the same price as Paddy but said it could go up but not over another €200 as he could see the probability of extra workmanship in getting the current suite out as it was very old and then making good of the work when replacing it. He said he couldn’t be sure until he started ripping it out. I didn’t like that the previous two guys had at least agreed a set price with no guaranteed extras, again I told him I would think about it.

I called Dermot the next day and thanked him for coming but apologized that I wouldn’t be going ahead. I left it for 3 days to see if Paddy would get back to me, surprisingly he didn’t. I called him, he said he was delighted to hear from me. I asked when he could do the job and we arranged for the following week . I’ve got to say he did a fantastic job and left the Bathroom looking stunning. When I paid him he gave me a 1yr parts and labor guarantee and toddled off to his van. What a Great result.

I would say if you ever need any plumbing services in my view it would be wise to offer them a chance to quote.


Zara McGuiness –Sandymount, Ireland


Zara thanks for spending the time to review us, we are delighted you had a great experience with us” – The Emergencyplumbersdublin team



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